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I’ve never really managed to keep going with this blogging lark

I’ve had a LiveJournal for over thirteen years now and have never been a one to post very often but over the past few years it really has been languishing rather tragically. This month, one of my LJ friends decided to make September Post Ever Day Month and I decided to give it a go […]

sunny and delightful

At least, that was what the Accuweather forecast was for today. The forecast was correct and so it seems that summer has actually arrived at last. Mind you, I’m not convinced it won’t suddenly turn vile once again. Anyway, enough of me being thoroughly English. This is not the promised photo post but instead a […]

Shall we try this again

So, I inspired by Mel’s return to blogging, I am dusting off WordPress and making yet another attempt to actually update this blog up on a regular basis. Up until now I thought it best to just keep this as a craft blog but I am going to see if expanding that to anything that […]

there may been little blogging, but there has been some knitting

I have been horribly remiss but hope to get caught up at least a bit! I have finished a blanket, a scarf for Mum and am two thirds through a pair of socks. I have started a wrap and am taking part in a knit-a-long of a shawl by Alice at Socktopus using some gorgeous […]

knitting waits for no woman

I have been happily knitting away over the last month or so.  After finishing Kim’s scarf I cast on Percy using Matchmaker Aqua Cotton in a gorgeous purple with pink for the contrasting inner pocket. I have finished the outer shell and am now faced with 50″ of 2×2 rib in cotton on 3mm needles. […]