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clackity clack

I can hardly believe I haven’t posted since August. It’s been a long few months around these parts but I am looking forward to a new year that will hopefully be less stressful than the last. My knitting has been going somewhat slowly as I haven’t really been able to settle into anything. I have […]

stash and spin

Today was the second of the two-part spinning class with Diane Mulholland and much fun was had by all.  This time we learned the basics of fibre preparation and of spinning with a wheel, which is harder than it looks – or maybe not as it looks pretty damn hard! We also had a chance […]

knitting waits for no woman

I have been happily knitting away over the last month or so.  After finishing Kim’s scarf I cast on Percy using Matchmaker Aqua Cotton in a gorgeous purple with pink for the contrasting inner pocket. I have finished the outer shell and am now faced with 50″ of 2×2 rib in cotton on 3mm needles. […]

if i keep finishing things i’ll have to change the blog name

Have been a tad less slack lately and so have finished the Midwest Moonlight scarf that I knit in the Rowan Tapestry. Nice yarn to knit with although I wouldn’t want to use it for anything complex or fiddly! The colourway worked really well with this pattern, the yarn gave a more subtle stripe and […]

knitting makes the time fly

Various projects are galloping along at a pace. I have finished my blue socks, and very nice they are too! There’s nothing like wool socks on your feet to take away that frozen toed feeling. See how snug I look? I am also half way up the front of my Salina jumper after finishing the […]

oh joy!

Went to the Stitch and Bitch London Day on Saturday and had a blast!  I was helping out my friend Katie on the Oxford Kitchen Yarns stall. OKY is Katie’s hand dyed yarn company and she produces the most gorgeous semi-solid colours using natural dyes on wool from British Blue-Faced Leicester sheep.  [Try saying all […]

coming along nicely

Salina’s back is finished! I really like knitting with the Rowan Felted Tweed, it slides nicely along the needles and I have had no problems with it so far. I have added a size to the jumper and 10cm in the length as they really do not write patterns for tall people! Here’s a picture […]

yarn yarn yarn

Yesterday [Sunday 14th] I dragged my friend Mel to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. How I managed not to bankrupt myself I shall never know. I was very good and went round the entire show before going back to the two stalls that I really wanted to buy something from. In the […]