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if i keep finishing things i’ll have to change the blog name

Have been a tad less slack lately and so have finished the Midwest Moonlight scarf that I knit in the Rowan Tapestry. Nice yarn to knit with although I wouldn’t want to use it for anything complex or fiddly!


The colourway worked really well with this pattern, the yarn gave a more subtle stripe and the glossiness really showed beautifully. It is the kind of scarf that you really want to fondle all the time. I found myself petty it even when I wasn’t adding rows!

I am now trying to finish Salina before starting anything else. This is proving a bit of a struggle as I have yarn for three projects sitting on the floor by the sofa. I was just winding it… honest!

knitting makes the time fly

Various projects are galloping along at a pace. I have finished my blue socks, and very nice they are too! There’s nothing like wool socks on your feet to take away that frozen toed feeling. See how snug I look?


I am also half way up the front of my Salina jumper after finishing the back the other week. I put it aside for a little bit while I finished my socks and then, after recklessly deciding to knit Mum a scarf for xmas, starting a new project. In the end, the scarf is going to be for a friend as I know that Mum will never wear a scarf as warm as this one. I am using up the four balls of Rowan Tapestry I have in my stash and knitting them up as Midwest Moonlight. It is coming along at great speed and looking great.


I really like this pattern. It’s a 16 row repeat and is a fast and satisfying knit. I have a version in Handmaiden Sea Silk in a gorgeous pumpkin orange. Amazing what a difference using a completely different yarn will make. It might as well be two utterly different patterns!

I have a few things queued on Ravelry which I already have the yarn for. It’s just deciding what the next project will be!

oh joy!

Went to the Stitch and Bitch London Day on Saturday and had a blast!  I was helping out my friend Katie on the Oxford Kitchen Yarns stall. OKY is Katie’s hand dyed yarn company and she produces the most gorgeous semi-solid colours using natural dyes on wool from British Blue-Faced Leicester sheep.  [Try saying all that without taking a breath!]

I have finished the back of my Salina and am galloping along with the Opal yarn socks. I also made good headway with the lace scarf I am knitting from Victorian Lace Today although I managed to use much bigger needles than I meant so it’s going to be two repeats rather than three!  Hunami is still on haitus but I think I will manage to get back into it once I have finished this scarf.

I am trying to stop myself casting on anything else. I am determined to finish one of these first!

coming along nicely

Salina’s back is finished! I really like knitting with the Rowan Felted Tweed, it slides nicely along the needles and I have had no problems with it so far. I have added a size to the jumper and 10cm in the length as they really do not write patterns for tall people! Here’s a picture of Salina taken not long after I started the back. The colour is gorgeous. 🙂

I am planning to take a brief rest from it while I knit a scarf for a friend’s birthday. I am not quite sure which of the patterns from Victorian Lace Today to knit up, but I have a couple of cones of Habu Silk which will look fabulous and, as she is allergic to wool, the silk is just the thing.

yarn yarn yarn

Yesterday [Sunday 14th] I dragged my friend Mel to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace. How I managed not to bankrupt myself I shall never know. I was very good and went round the entire show before going back to the two stalls that I really wanted to buy something from. In the end I bought two cones of silk from Habu which I am planning to use for light, swishy scarves. I then bought enough yarn to make a cardigan from a company called Shilasdair who are based on the Isle of Skye. Their yarns are beautiful and the colour selections very earthy and rich – I went for a dusky blue in the cashmere/angora/lambswool mix. I shall upload pictures once I have enough light to do the colours justice.

I am currently knitting Salina from the Rowan Vintage Style book. It’s in Rowan Felted Tweed and I have chosen a deep red which is lovely. I am enjoying knitting with the yarn, especially now that I have swtiched to Addi circular needles. Starting off with straights has reminded me how much I prefer circulars.

I also finally got the cotton for Percy which had been delayed in the postal strike but I am determined not to cast on until I have finished at least one of my current projects!

pretty pictures

Today I played photographer and, with the aid of a sheet of lining paper and a small table, took photos of my stash and current projects to add to this site and to Ravelry.

They look really good and I am very pleased with the results. It really does make such a difference to my Ravelry page to have the visuals sorted.

My two current projects are Hanami, which I have not got very far with but which I think looks really good in the Fiddlesticks wool-silk I chose.


And another pair of socks that I am knitted in Opal sock yarn. Please note the method – both at once by magic loop! No SSS [Second Sock Syndrome] for me.


I also have some cotton coming for another project and need to find a nice soft aran so I can knit Mrs Darcy’s Cardigan. It’s good to have things in the pipeline.

yes, i finally succumbed to the lure of socks

I once firmly believed that life was too short to knit socks. This belief was based on having to use dpns and I was certain that I would never ever voluntarily knit with the damn things.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

My friend Katie taught me magic loop and suddenly socks seem a much less annoying proposition. Suddenly I don’t feel like muttering, ‘why knit them when you can buy a pair for a few pounds?’ when someone waxes lyrical about the fabulous sock yarn they have bought.

So I am now on my second pair of socks. The first were given to Deborah as I knitted them too small for me, but this pair should fit me fine.

I am using the universal toe-up sock formula and so far so good. I am even feeling rather proud of my short-row toes!

And here are Deborah’s socks – on Deborah’s feet! debsocks_0709