yes, i finally succumbed to the lure of socks

I once firmly believed that life was too short to knit socks. This belief was based on having to use dpns and I was certain that I would never ever voluntarily knit with the damn things.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

My friend Katie taught me magic loop and suddenly socks seem a much less annoying proposition. Suddenly I don’t feel like muttering, ‘why knit them when you can buy a pair for a few pounds?’ when someone waxes lyrical about the fabulous sock yarn they have bought.

So I am now on my second pair of socks. The first were given to Deborah as I knitted them too small for me, but this pair should fit me fine.

I am using the universal toe-up sock formula and so far so good. I am even feeling rather proud of my short-row toes!

And here are Deborah’s socks – on Deborah’s feet! debsocks_0709

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