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Today I played photographer and, with the aid of a sheet of lining paper and a small table, took photos of my stash and current projects to add to this site and to Ravelry.

They look really good and I am very pleased with the results. It really does make such a difference to my Ravelry page to have the visuals sorted.

My two current projects are Hanami, which I have not got very far with but which I think looks really good in the Fiddlesticks wool-silk I chose.


And another pair of socks that I am knitted in Opal sock yarn. Please note the method – both at once by magic loop! No SSS [Second Sock Syndrome] for me.


I also have some cotton coming for another project and need to find a nice soft aran so I can knit Mrs Darcy’s Cardigan. It’s good to have things in the pipeline.

2 thoughts on “pretty pictures”

  1. see i have been putting off making a light box, because seriously, where am i going to put it so that it won’t be in the way, and i can see now, that i’m just faffing about, and than your way would work just as well.

    *is a bit rubbish*

    your photos are great! i love how you’ve gone from not knitting socks to being an utter ninja in five minutes flat. i would expect nothing less. 😉

  2. Not at all rubbish! Light boxes do give you mroe scope, ya know and frankly, my ‘cellotape and a bit of lining paper’ was not the most helpful approach. 😉

    I am laughing at the vision of me as sock knitting ninja! hahaha <3

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