knitting waits for no woman

I have been happily knitting away over the last month or so.  After finishing Kim’s scarf I cast on Percy using Matchmaker Aqua Cotton in a gorgeous purple with pink for the contrasting inner pocket. I have finished the outer shell and am now faced with 50″ of 2×2 rib in cotton on 3mm needles. *weeps*  I am not pleased to note that pretty much everyone on ravelry who has knitted Percy has complained about the strap!  I would start the inner pocket [stocking stitch in the round ftw!] but don’t have the right needles – my 3mm circulars are too long to comfortably manage 93 stitches in the round on cotton. Ho hum. But as you can see, it does look really lovely so far so I am hoping the pain will be worth it in the end!


I have also started the Hemlock Ring Blanket using Wensleydale Longwool in Aran from the Sheep Shop. The folks from the Sheep Shop were at the London Stitch and Bitch Show last Autumn and were very friendly and the wool is gorgeous. I have the cream undyed and so far I am really pleased with how it is knitting up. I used Emily Ocker’s circular cast on to start as it was recommended by other Hemlock knitters and did indeed prove perfect for the pattern. The blanket it meant for Mum who starts radium at the end of this month and who will need something lovely to sit under after the hospital visits.  This is it so far and I feel great having done this much in just an evening.


I also finished the Salina jumper and am really pleased with how it turned out. I got some lovely red buttons from Liberty and they finished it off nicely. Maybe not the best picture of the jumper itself, but the best picture of me so I am putting vanity before knitting technique. 😉


Finally a picture of Edie, who likes to inconvenience me whenever I forget that she is more important than my knitting. I transferred my stash into this rather nice storage bag and the moment I zipped it up Edie decided it made the perfect bed!


6 thoughts on “knitting waits for no woman”

  1. That is indeed a lovely photo of you. Good luck with the blanket.

    I will refrain from commenting too much on Edie, other than to say that I know that you have more than one of those storage bags….

  2. The blanket is coming along swimmingly. A fast and pleasant knit only made problematic by how many yarn overs the final rounds have! Lots of counting. 🙂

    I have aratehr nice pic of you and Tallulah which I shall show you [possibly ewven post as it is knitting related!]. And we don’t mention how many of those bags I have… Edie LOVES them, though! I think it’s the soft squidgy yarn inside that makes it the perfect cat bed. 😉

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