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I can hardly believe I haven’t posted since August. It’s been a long few months around these parts but I am looking forward to a new year that will hopefully be less stressful than the last.

My knitting has been going somewhat slowly as I haven’t really been able to settle into anything. I have finished a few small projects, though and have [of course] added quite a few yarns to my stash! It’s a disease, I tell you!  Not done a huge amount of spinning but the plan is to buy a wheel in the new year. In fact, this will be a present from my Mum. who loves having something I actually want to get me as a gift and as it will be my birthday in three weeks, she is happy to go for a serious present. Hoorah!

On the FO front I have Auntie Barbara’s Midwest Moonlight Scarf which I made from Knitwitches silk and came out beautifully. Sadly the photos I have do not do the colour justice. My Aunt loves it and waves it at other members of the family any opportunity she has!

Auntie Barbara's Midwest Moonlight Scarf

I finally finished my Percy bag after leaving the completed pieces to one side, not having the energy to sew it together and line the thing. The finished object is actually rather nice and I am very pleased with it. I am not going to say that it was worth the blood, sweat and tears of the strap knitting, but I am rather proud of how it turned out.

Percy finished
Percy Bag lined and finished.

I have made a couple of presents as well. A hat from Drops which came out really well. I made a scarf  in Rowan Tapestry for my friend Kim’s birthday last year and this year she asked for a hat to match. This hat was easy to knit but looks really effective and Kim loves it!

Kims hat
Drops Basque Hat in Rowan Tapestry - front
Kims hat
Drops Basque Hat in Rowan Tapestry - back

Finally I made a pair of Toastie fingerless mitts and a Bainbridge Scarf. Both these projects took a few hours and I have been wearing the mitts for the last few weeks [never got around to blocking them as a result]. The Bainbridge is for my friend Chris who I am seeing tomorrow. I found some lovely red yarn in All the Fun of the Fair on Saturday when I braved the sales with Mel and it took a couple of hours to produce a really nice scarf.

Bainbridge Scarf
Bainbridge Scarf in Araucania Nature Wool. The colour is gorgeous.

I currently only have three projects on my needles [there are also two that are in hibernation, but I am not counting those] at the moment, the Elm Row Scarf for my Mum and a Silver Birch hat for me and a pair of socks. Here’s how they are looking so far:

Elm Row
Elm Row Scarf for Mum in Mericash by Punta del Este Yarns
Silver Birch
Silver Birch Hat - the yarns are Colinette Tao and Rowan Kidsilk Haze so it feels amazingly soft.

The socks are coming along nicely but are hard to photograph as I am knitting two at a time on magic loop. Trying them on is a bit of a faff. I will need to go up a needle size soon, though, as I have very fat calves and I want these to be long socks.

5 thoughts on “clackity clack”

  1. That Tapestry hat looks gorgeous – hope your friend appreciates it! Love the colour of your Bainbridge. I hit the sales on Saturday but didn’t go to All the Fun…. did you get that yarn on sale? It’s gorgeous – my favourite kind of red.

    • My friend LOVES her hat! She is good to knit for as she always appreciates anything somebody takes time to make. All the Fun of the Fair has some yarn on sale and the Araudania was £5 a 100g skein, which was a bargain if you ask me! I have the other half left so may have to knit up another neckwarmer of some sort. 😉

  2. Not done a huge amount of sinning but the plan is to buy a wheel in the new year. Tut, tut, Jaq! Slacking on the sinning! Although..hrm, sloth is one of the Big Seven, so… *g*

    The yarn you used for Bainbridge is beaaaautiful! If I hadn’t spent *mumblemumble* on yarn at John Lewis sale, I’d be right down to see if they had anymore!

    • HAHAHAHAHA *goes to edit*

      I thought I recognised your new additions to stash. I considered some of the silk, myself, butwas very restrained and put it down!

  3. Heh!

    I wish I had that willpower but…so shiiiiiiiiny. No, seriously. I had to take so many photos before I got the shine but without the blinding from the flash reflecting off the yarn! Looking forward to knitting it though!

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