Shall we try this again

So, I inspired by Mel’s return to blogging, I am dusting off WordPress and making yet another attempt to actually update this blog up on a regular basis. Up until now I thought it best to just keep this as a craft blog but I am going to see if expanding that to anything that tickles my fancy actually gives me some incentive to post.

The first job I had was cleaning up all the virus and malware that had infection the site. That’s been a pain and is still in progress. Hopefully I’ve got this bit sorted but please do let me know if you get redirected somewhere dodgy from here! The perils of modern technology, eh?

In other news, I have been knitting, crocheting and quilting. I don’t have loads of photos but am in the middle of a tidy up so plan to drag everything out that I know needs documenting and get some photos done. For my birthday this year, work gave me a copy of The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos which is packed with useful tips and suggestions for making objects look great in photos.  I’m even thinking of making my own light tent!  Sadly I have a few projects I have already given away so there are some camera photos that are the only record of my hard work. But at least there are camera photos!

I’ve also been reading a lot which probably has a great deal to do with owning a Kindle. I still go to Book group with a grand bunch of people and have read some very good books as a result. I have just started reading Kerry’ Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher books after being pimped them by my friend Lucy and am very much enjoying the first one. The tv series is highly entertaining and will hopefully get picked up by a network in the UK at some point.

Right, I think that’s it for this evening.  Let’s hope this is not the only post I manage under the new regime!

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