sunny and delightful

At least, that was what the Accuweather forecast was for today. The forecast was correct and so it seems that summer has actually arrived at last. Mind you, I’m not convinced it won’t suddenly turn vile once again. Anyway, enough of me being thoroughly English. This is not the promised photo post but instead a catch up on the last two months.

At the beginning of April there was a visit from the lovely Genevieve Valentine who was in London to attend EasterCon. She was accompanied by her mother, who suffered us dragging her around until rebelling and leaving us to do a lot of walking on our own.  We took a tour around Angel Costumiers‘ warehouse in Hendon which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in costume and film making. The highlight was Genevieve hyperventilating at the sight of Elizabeth I’s coronation gown worn by Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth. Geneveive’s own post about it is here and has some lovely photos to accompany her geeking out.  We also took a tour of the British Library which was a tad more sedate than Angels but did clear up the mystery of how they move the books from the vast basement to the reading rooms. It’s all done by magic. You heard it here first.

So, as EasterCon was the main reason for Genevieve being here, she happily dragged me along for the Saturday and Sunday. This was my first proper convention and by ‘eck it was entertaining. I spent most of it explaining to the people I met that I read neither fantasy or science fiction. Of course, this tended to be undermined every time by Genevieve telling them to ask me what I thought of the Lord of the Rings film portrayal of Faramir. Busted!  Overall, I have to say that it was great fun and I met some thoroughly nice people who were very long suffering of me having little idea about anyone or anything being discussed.  I was sad to have to wave goodbye to Geneveive but we have a tentative date for the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton next year. I say, bring it on!

I’ve also had visits to the theatre and ballet recently. I saw Misterman at the National with Cillian Murphy giving a bravura performance alone on stage for nearly and hour and a half. He was excellent and the play was thought-provoking, funny and disturbing. The ballet was La Fille Mal Gardee which has CHICKENS cavorting. It was all very bizarre but enjoyable. Less enjoyable was the pain of trying to sit still in horribly uncomfortable seats for the duration. Sadly, affordable seats at the Royal Opera House are not made for anyone taller than 5’ 8″ and wider than a size 10.

Next month will bring a wedding, a visitor from the ‘Pool and hopefully the builders to start fixing my windows, decorating the outside of the house and plastering and painting the hall. Stay tuned for tales of the drama and stress that will undoubtedly be brought on by at least one of these things!

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